Auto Trigger Leads

Auto trigger leads from are rapid and advanced ways to find your consumers. With our TRIGGER COMPLETESM system, you’ll be outpacing the competition and bringing in leads faster than you thought possible.

The first thing you need to know is that our system is absolutely the fastest auto trigger leads program on the market. Our special relationship with Equifax, Trans Union, and Experian allows us to receive automotive trigger leads also known as guaranteed credit score leads as close to real time as possible. Our system receives trigger leads from any customer who has applied for a car loan within the last 4 to 24 hours, which means that every day you’ll have access to a network of fresh, highly interested buyers. Even better – because of our exclusivity policies – you’re going to beat the competition to these leads.

The amazing thing about these guaranteed credit score leads is their breadth. Our system allows you to hone in on customers in all stages of the buying process. Whether they’ve just started exploring, or they’re about to sign with your competition, you’ll have the opportunity to pull customers into your office. To add to this, we filter our leads for beacon score, bankruptcy, and repossession. No invalid leads here: Our BDC will even verify your leads for you. You’ll be amazed at the number of leads we’ll find in your area.

Like with all of our products, guarantees that our lenders are 100% FCRA, FACTA, and DNC compliant. With our promise, you can rest assured that your customers will receive firm offers of credit from legitimate financial institutions. These auto trigger leads are fast, legal, and reliable; and they’re going to generate sales for your business.

Let’s break down this program for you:

  • Auto trigger leads from all around the lending market: Local banks, credit unions, online finance companies, and other auto dealers.
  • Exclusive leads for highly interested buyers
  • Turnkey program for dealers. We unlike any other company initiate the outbound calls, set your appointments based on your schedule and follow up any no show appointments, all included.
  • Personalized website to make response easy for your customers.
  • Absolutely firm offers of credit for your consumer. 100% FCRA and FACTA compliant.
  • Call script to reel in customers. Even better, complement this service with our automotive call center.
  • Customize your preferences for area and credit score. We’re generating leads for your preferences!

Leave no stone unturned! Call today and start selling cars: 800-890-8850

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