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To find out how many people in your local market are looking to buy a car just enter your zip code above.

The number of special finance leads shown in your results indicate the number of people who need help with subprime auto loan financing and meet a minimum income requirement of at least $2000. Once we have these auto finance leads, we do additional internal scrubbing and remove any that have an open bankruptcy or a repossession within the last year so you will not get them. The final number of subprime auto loan finance leads available will be lower than due to our filering process which will provide you with a better quality auto loan lead.

The special finance leads estimate you see were pulled from a standard 50 mile radius from your zip code. SpecialFinanceLeads.com knows after having done this for 10 years that 50 miles or a one hour drive offers you the best chance for success. Call us at 800-890-8850 for exact detail on final number of auto sales leads in your market.

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