Bankruptcy Mailers

To enhance our powerful services in automotive direct mail marketing, offers a comprehensive plan for bankruptcy mailers that leverages our automotive direct mail talents to maximize your returns. Using our skill and knowledge in the auto lending industry, we are able to target your BK mailers with unmatched quality and confidence.

Our automotive bankruptcy mailers are not only powerful; they’re honest. Our direct bankruptcy mailers are guaranteed to comply with FCRA and FACTA regulations. These regulations, among other things require that automotive direct mail containing sensitive credit information have “Permissible Purpose.” You can read more about permissible purpose here, but the key points are: To access a person’s credit information, an auto direct mail marketing company needs to have a pretext based in a firm offer of credit, backed by a legitimate financial institution. Failure to meet any of these requirements could mean thousands of dollars of liabilities for your dealership. Even worse, false advertising marginalizes your customers – the exact opposite of your advertising goals! Our bankruptcy mailer compliance ensures that you can reach your customers in a powerful, legal way.

Our auto dealer bankruptcy mailers are designed to provide the freshest BK leads and bankruptcy lists on the market. Some people would mistakenly assume that automotive direct mail marketing works on a slower time-frame. While this may be true for some companies, who will update your mailing list monthly or weekly, leverages some powerful tools to break this paradigm. Unlike the competition, we update our mailing lists every day. This means you’ll be moving on leads faster than the competition, thereby increasing your relevancy and maximizing your response rate.’s Bankruptcy mailers are the fastest, most relevant, and safest way to generate bankruptcy leads in your area.

Start moving on leads fast with’s bankruptcy mailers and call: 800-890-8850

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