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Ways of Filtering Auto Sales Leads

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

When buying list of auto sales leads, one of the main problems that car dealers face is that the lists are usually random and also include people which cannot visit the dealership. Due to this reason, many dealers prefer lead generation portals as compared to lists. The main benefit of these portals is that leads are generated according to the filters set by the dealer. This way, the procured auto sales leads are favorable for the dealer and can be converted easily. Some of the filters included by them are mentioned below: Read More…

How Automotive Live Chat Increases Auto Sales Leads

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Almost all dealers are using internet these days to increase the number of auto sales leads they are able to procure and forming a website is one of the best ways to do that. After all, it is the one place where users can visit without the fear of getting conned by skilled salespersons. However, there is a drawback to it too as the user might not be able to get answer to his/her queries in time or might not get at all. Installing automotive live chat software helps a lot in these circumstances as it ensures that a user never leaves without getting all the answers. Read More…

Direct Mail Auto Sales Leads

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

With the rise of internet in the generation of auto sales leads, more and more dealerships have started procuring leads via online means. However, it can be difficult to make sales conversions when dozens of dealership are going after the same group of leads. The best way to clear this problem is to go for direct mail auto sales leads. The lead generation portals list different types of leads which include exclusive leads, leads which have been bought from other businesses, direct mail etc. Out of these the exclusive leads are the costliest whereas the direct mail is usually the cheapest as they just include the email address of the consumer. Read More…

Why Use Live Chat to Gather Auto Sales Leads?

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Even though internet is the main medium which users employ to get information and businesses do to market, there are some things which are proven to be more successful than others. Even to procure more auto sales leads, sending emails has become an old technique and very few people use this. Moreover, dealers using this method employ it just to enhance the visibility of their website. For example, a mobile carrier is most likely to pick up a phone as opposed to checking a text message. This technique has been revolutionized for dealer websites, also known as automotive live chat, and is proven to procure more auto sales leads. Read More…

Have Automotive Live Chat to Increase Auto Sales Leads

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

Every dealership lives and thrives depending on the number of auto sales leads they get and the number of leads they can convert afterwards. It can be easy to hire sales personnel who are skilled in making fantastic conversions as there are a number of people who are trained in PR and special marketing skills. But, getting the auto sales leads is another issue as it might take the same time for a skilled and unskilled salesperson to get the same number of leads. One of the best ways to generate more leads without spending much is including automotive live chat in the dealership’s website. Read More…

Competitions and Exhibitions for More Auto Sales Leads

Monday, August 30th, 2010

Auto sales leads are important for a dealership’s success but with the increasing competition nowadays, it has become quite difficult to survive, let alone succeed. Even the big dealerships with franchises in several towns are seeing a shortage of visitors. All the marketing and the money spent on advertisements is a waste if the prospects don’t visit the dealership. Hence, it is important that the dealership uses some other tricks to ensure that the footfall at their office increases and some of the best ways are competitions and exhibitions. Read More…

Special Finance Leads Provider Moving to Expand Brand and Increase Sales for Auto Dealers

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Charlotte, NC August 2, 2010 – DealerLink, the nation’s most prominent automotive leads provider, has taken steps to expand its market footprint. After over ten years of experience, DealerLink has acquired the domain, which will help them expand their brand, and more effectively target their products and services.

“After ten years of business, we’ve found that dealers searching for “special finance leads” tend to have a different set of expectations than those that travel to our flagship domain,” say Tim Parker, the Founder and CEO of DealerLink. “Between the two sites, we’ll be able to more effectively target our products towards auto dealers with different needs.”

“Expanding the brand through better targeting,” Tim noted, “was the driving force behind our acquisition of When it comes to high quality lead generation, dealers know that DealerLink can deliver. However, we want to remind other dealers that these leads aren’t just for the big dealerships. We’re taking the initiative to get these dealerships, large and small, running smoothly again.”

Plans for the new site are already in their final stages, and DealerLink promises that the new brand will live up to their reputation for high quality and amazing results. “We’re excited about this new site because we know it is going to salvage sales for dealerships who are struggling to turn profits,” says Tim, “which has been DealerLink’s specialty for over a decade now.” is a leading nationwide provider of automotive sales leads. With over ten years of experience, has proven that traditional and high-tech approaches can work together to generate huge sales. To learn more about how creates huge revenues for dealerships around the nation, visit, or call them directly at 800-890-8850.

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Go Online For More Auto Sales Leads

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

Although a lot of stress is given on mass media marketing (television, newspapers) and door to door marketing for increasing auto sales leads, the fact is that these have become things of the past. Now, almost every consumer uses the internet to get more information regarding the products that he/she is using and the products that he/she is going to use. While going online, it is easier to get a lot more data without even having to leave the desk which is preferred by most people. Read More…

New Website Ready to Launch, Says Prominent Auto Leads Provider

Friday, August 6th, 2010

Charlotte, NC (PRWEB), August 2, 2010 – DealerLink, the foremost provider of automotive sales leads, is prepared to launch its newest brand: The company acquired the domain in order to expand its industry footprint and improve its industry targeting. Now, the launch of the new site promises to continue this ambitious strategy.

“The concept is rather simple,” explained Tim Parker, DealerLink’s founder and CEO, “more dealerships need to know about the amazing sales they can achieve through DealerLink’s products. With the addition of to our brand, we’ll be finding more dealers, and rejuvenating more dealerships through our products.” Read More…