Choosing Between Exclusive and Direct Mail Car Leads

With the introduction of internet lead purchase, it has become easier for dealers to buy car leads. Purchasing the leads is much less strenuous and time consuming than going for advertisements or door to door marketing. The dealer now just has to prepare a good offer for individuals who are ready for car purchase. There are different forms of car leads which usually vary depending on the information, type of sell and price. Two of the most common car leads include direct mail and exclusive car leads.

In direct mail car leads, the dealer usually gets the email addresses of all the people on the list. As the information is just limited to email ids, the dealers don’t have to pay much money over it. In fact, these car leads are usually bought for a price ranging between forty cents to a dollar per lead. Many dealerships use these leads as they can buy bulk and pay a small price. However, the response rate for the mails can be quite low. It is a fact that almost 75 percent of the mail receivers are seen to read the offered products. But, out of them, usually just three to four percent reply back for more details or to schedule a visit. Out of those who come, the conversion rate might be somewhere around 15 to 25 percent.

However, there is nothing to worry about in these statistics. If the email ids are bought one time or even rented for at least six months, chances are that the response rate would improve after repeated offers. Moreover, this also helps the chances of the conversion rate for the car leads.

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