Competitions and Exhibitions for More Auto Sales Leads

Auto sales leads are important for a dealership’s success but with the increasing competition nowadays, it has become quite difficult to survive, let alone succeed. Even the big dealerships with franchises in several towns are seeing a shortage of visitors. All the marketing and the money spent on advertisements is a waste if the prospects don’t visit the dealership. Hence, it is important that the dealership uses some other tricks to ensure that the footfall at their office increases and some of the best ways are competitions and exhibitions.

Instead of trying to persuade the auto sales leads to visit the showroom and see cars, a competition should be organized in which the website visitors or the called users would be offered a prize for their participation in the competition (at the dealership). The trick here is to gather as much data as possible during the registration for the competition and then contact those auto sales leads after the show. The prizes could be discount on car products which would attract more visitors to make the purchase at discounted rates. The bigger the prizes, the larger would be the incoming auto sales leads. One of the best ways to make everyone happy is to offer some sort of discount just for registration. This way, they are more inclined towards using their offer.

Even in case of exhibitions, the theory remains the same. However, dealers should try not to sell the visitors their cars as they are already being bombarded by a lot of other sales persons. Contacting them after the show is a much better and surer way to make a sale.


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