Cons of Going for Old Car Leads

Many dealerships consider that it is much more profitable to buy old car leads from online lead generation companies. The first reason they say is that the leads are cheap. In fact, the price of most of these leads is 60 to 85 percent less than fresh ones. Moreover, dealers state that many old car leads are more willing to negotiate a good deal. However, there are many cons of going for old car leads and some of them are mentioned as follows:

Even though these leads are cheap, most of them include information regarding consumers who do not wish to buy any sort of automobile or car accessory. These consumers are mostly tired of bad offers and might be prejudiced even if a good one comes along. Even if the leads have been passed by insurance providers and loaning agents, there are a lot of cases where prior misdemeanor leads to not trusting in any new car offers.

Another disadvantage of old car leads is that most lead generating companies sell dead leads to dealers. These leads have already been utilized by some other dealership i.e. the consumer has already bought the car from another dealer and doesn’t have to or wishes to listen to any more car offers. Therefore, it is a known fact that purchasing cheap car leads result in bad results for the business. Another case of dead leads is providing information regarding a consumer who has already been dead. Many dealers have been scammed with fake information about individuals who look like good auto leads but are actually dead for several years.

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