Different Automotive Sales Leads Filters

When hiring a professional lead generation portal for automotive sales leads, the dealer gets to choose different filters which should be incorporated to screen the leads. These filters ensure that the dealership pays for only those leads which can be easily converted into sales. These are a much better and profitable option for dealers as buying the whole list of automotive sales leads can result in loss of investment. The following lines mention some of the filters used by proficient lead generation portals:

The most common portal filter is geographical or differentiating automotive sales leads depending on the dealership location. The dealer gets to customize the filter to only get leads which are at a certain distance from the dealership/in the same town/in the same state. This way, the dealership can contact the consumers easily and the visitors can also visit the dealership easily.

Another filter is differentiating leads on exact type. This means that the dealer gets to choose specific filters such as deals with only trade-ins involved, or specific car choice, specific fuel preference, only SUVs, only luxury cars or any such filter which can restrict the leads.

The lead generation portals also include a filter or differentiating criteria of their own. One such filter is that the dealer can check the leads depending on the amount of information present in the leads. Some portals call it quality score or lead rating, which rates the leads according to the information provided by the consumer. It is obvious that automotive sales leads providing more information on consumer preference are easier to convert which is why they are given a higher score or rating.


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