Different Facilities Given by Internet Portals for Automotive Leads

More and more dealerships these days are getting familiar and friendly with the use of internet facilities for obtaining automotive leads. They might still send out some advertisements in newspapers, but the bulk of the work is done on the internet search engines as it is cheaper, convenient and quicker. There are several online lead generation companies and portals which provide dealers with quality automotive leads. The following lines provide information on the different facilities provided by these portals:

The first facility is that every dealer gets to form his/her own account with the portal. While forming the account, the dealer could add some filters (geographical or any other) on it to ensure that only specific automotive leads are acquired. This way, the dealer gets only those leads which are near to his/her dealership, are within his/her city or the state. The choice of area depends on the selling and conversion capacity of the dealership.

Another facility is that the dealer could add a spending limit on his/her account. As the leads are generated randomly, one cannot be sure when the lead target would be acquired. If the desired number of leads is obtained within the first week, then spending for the rest of the month would result in lead and money wastage. Therefore, a spending restriction allows the account to stop generating leads when the limit has been reached. A similar feature is the pause account feature in which the dealer can stop the generation until all the previous automotive leads are tracked. When the backlogged leads are looked over, then the generation could be resumed again.


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