Different Filters For Car Leads

Earlier dealerships used to rely on advertisements and direct marketing for obtaining car leads. The rise in internet facilities have made it possible to go beyond the conventional methods and get more success than it was possible a few years back. The early internet car leads used to come in form of lists containing all the possible information regarding the consumer. However, these leads were costly as the large amount of information made it much easier for the dealer to land successful conversions. Therefore, cheaper leads were introduced which contained less information about consumers. These are usually direct mail leads which just contain the email address of the consumer.

Dealers now can apply to internet lead generating portals which allow them to receive leads as soon as the company receives them. However, there are several filters which could (and should) be applied on the incoming lead facility to ensure that the conversion rate for the purchase remains high. The most common filter is geographical limitation. If the dealership has a single office in the city, then it is best to get only those leads which are at a radius of few miles from their place. If the dealership has skilled staff, then the car leads for the whole city can also be registered for.

Some dealerships also have multiple offices in cities with which they can easily track the car leads within a single state. Therefore, the dealer should put geographical limitations on the account to ensure that only convertible leads are acquired. It is necessary to be prudent that no car leads are bought which always come as a dead end.

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