Different Methods of Filtering Auto Leads

The process of acquiring auto leads from internet portals has revolutionized in many ways. Earlier, the auto leads used to be sold or rented in the form of complete lists. If the lists were rented, the converted leads were crossed of the list and then sold again. However, it was difficult to convince many people to look over different car offers again. This started the provision of internet portals offering auto leads. The dealer subscribes to their service and information regarding fresh leads is sent to his/her account regularly. The leads were fresh but some problems like area limitation, different offer demands and quality of the information always remained. Moreover, there was no way to stop the lead flow even if the conversions were more than enough.

Now, however, there are several filters which can be implanted on the portals to ensure that the dealer is in complete control of the sourcing process. Now, the dealer can judge the auto leads depending on their quality rating. This is used to determine the quality of the information that the listing company was provided with. The dealer can go for high quality auto leads to get all the information necessary or he/she might just get the email addresses which are prominent in most low rated auto leads.

The dealer can also impart spending restrictions on his/her account to ensure that over buying is avoided. Or there is a provision in some accounts to pause the flow till all the pending auto leads are converted successfully. Once the leads deplete, the account can be un-paused again.


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