Direct Mail Auto Finance Leads

When browsing different lead generation portals for leads, lenders would find that there are a number of auto finance leads and services from which they have to choose. Some are exclusive leads, some are rented, some are sold cheap to multiple lenders and some are direct mail. The last ones are quite popular among lending institutions because of their cheap price (as they only contain information regarding email addresses of the consumer). There are a number of advantages of using direct mail auto finance leads and some of them are mentioned below:

The first benefit is that they are cheap and most portals sell fresh direct mail leads for a price between sixty cents and one dollar. This way, the lender can buy a bunch of leads without being affected by the investment that has to be put in. Some people wonder as to how a lead which only includes email address can be used to increase sales. The thing to see here is that almost 75 percent of direct mail receivers respond to these mails. The lender just has to include some of the best offers in the mail and also include a link to the website. However, these leads are best used when the email blast is sent regularly to all the consumers.

But, it is usually seen that keeping track of sent and received mails can be quite tedious for the sales personnel. Therefore, for a little more price, the lender can hire the lead generation company’s services of direct mail. Their representatives take up the task of sending the mail to all the auto finance leads and also track their responses.


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