Direct Mail Car Leads

Although the sales staff which specializes in converting car leads is skilled enough in procuring them too, it is generally seen that a lot of time and energy (and of course, money) is wasted on procuring of leads than converting them. In these circumstances, it is best to go for online lead generating portals which provide fresh car leads at a nominal price. This is a much more beneficial method as the staff has to solely work on converting these leads. There are different types of car leads which the dealerships can acquire for conversion. The first and the cheapest form of car leads are direct mail.

These car leads include the email addresses of the individuals who are looking for car buying offers. The cost of these leads varies between fifty cents to ninety cents per lead. The following lines depict how profits can be earned from direct mail car leads:

Suppose the cost of a single direct mail lead be .70 dollar. This means that the cost of 5000 leads would be around 3500 dollars. Let the profit earned after a single conversion equal to two thousand dollars (these could be more or less depending on the car). Now, the response rate in case of direct mail car leads is quite low. Let the rate in this case be 1.5 percent. This means that almost 75 consumers responded to the mail. Out of these, even if 20 percent are successfully converted then the total profit amounted from the car leads amounts to 30,000 dollars.

Therefore, after investing 3500 dollars on direct mail car leads, it is possible to make up to 30000 dollars as profit. This should be noted that the conversion and response rate can vary depending on the dealer and offer.


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