Exclusive or Direct Mail Car Leads

The introduction of internet in the automobile industry has changed the way in which consumers used to purchase their automobile, car accessories and other auto related products. Even the auto industry has started using internet to procure fresh car leads. This has become possible with the help of lead generating portals and companies. Earlier, these companies used to provide dealers with visiting cards, now they’re providing email addresses and other information. In fact, the quality and amount of this information determines the price of these car leads.

For dealers, the major confusion comes when they have to choose between direct mail and exclusive car leads. Exclusive car leads, as their name suggests, are sold exclusively to a single dealer and he/she has the liberty to do whatever he/she wishes to with the lead. The information contained in the exclusive leads is also more as compared to rented leads or direct mails. The information can include general information such as name, members in the family, age, credit rating, income and some specific information such as the car preferred by the family, the fuel preference of the driver etc.

This specific information helps a lot when the dealer wishes to make an exact offer to the consumer. As the dealer already knows what the consumer preference is, the conversion rate in these car leads is quite high. However, the higher conversion rate and high quality information means that the dealership has to spend a lot more on these leads. The cost of a single lead can be several dollars and most dealerships usually buy 100 to 150 leads at the most when browsing these.


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