Exclusive Or Direct Mail Internet Auto Leads

When procuring internet auto leads from online agencies and portals, there are a number of options which the dealer gets to choose from. This is because the leads vary in price, the information carried and also whether they are first hand or have been sold before. However, most of the dealers either choose direct mail or exclusive leads. The following lines depict the difference between the two:

As their name suggests, Exclusive internet auto leads are sold exclusively to a single dealer and contain a lot of information about the consumer. Due to their exclusive nature, the provider charges a lot of price for these leads. It is seen that some of the companies sell their exclusive leads for prices between 20 to 35 dollars per lead. Their high charge is due to the fact that these contain a lot more information such as consumer name and contact information (address, number and email), buying habit, income, credit information, earning potential of the family, information regarding failed payments, preference of car model or make, preferred gas type in the car etc.

The direct mail internet auto leads just include the email addresses of the consumers. As they usually just involve email ids, the price of these leads is very low. For example, some companies sell their old leads for less than 40 cents whereas some companies sell fresh ones for anywhere between 60 cents and 1 dollar. This means that the user can buy thirty times more direct mail leads with the investment associated for exclusive internet auto leads. However, the conversion rate in the exclusive leads is higher as the dealer knows consumer preference in detail.

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