Making Money With Dead Automotive Sales Leads

Usually, automotive sales leads are called dead when the dealer cannot convert them or has already converted them. In both the cases, when the deal is done or cannot be done, the lead is considered a waste and is of no use. However, by following the below mentioned steps, the dealer can ensure that he/she gets to earn good profit on dead automotive sales leads.

In case the leads have been converted, then these can be sold to agencies which attend to consumers with cars. For example, insurance agents, car detailing shops, car servicing agencies etc. only deal with people who have their personal vehicle. Even agencies which hire drivers require information regarding people who have purchased their personal car. Selling the dead leads to them can ensure that a nice profit can be earned on the otherwise wasted leads. The dealer need not sell the leads if he/she thinks that a deal can be done. There are agencies which are ready to provide a part in the profits if the leads are converted into sales. However, the dealer should check what is more profitable – selling the leads or accepting profit percentage.

In case the automotive sales leads haven’t been converted, then those can be sold to used car lots or loan providers. There are basically two reasons why a consumer rejects to a car offer – he/she isn’t interested in the car model or he/she doesn’t have the finances required for the car. Now, if the leads can be sold to a financing institution or a used car lot, then they would be able to capitalize on the deal. Another thing which can be done is to ask the lending institution to send over the client to the dealership once the finances have been arranged.


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