One Stop for Call Centers and Car Sales Leads

The growing popularity of internet for procuring car sales leads has also increased the number of portals and agencies that are supplying the leads. This competition has made it easier for the dealers to get new leads at reasonable prices. To tackle their competitors, many agencies have started providing multiple services to dealerships which is an added benefit. One major dual service is mentioned in the following lines:

The automotive call center service has grown in popularity in the last year or so. Now, instead of calling all the car sales leads regularly and motivating them to make the visit, the dealer just has to hire a call center and provide them with the leads. The personnel are skilled in negotiations and providing information. Due to their vast experience and patience with consumers, these representatives have an edge over the other sales personnel. Moreover, they ensure that all the leads are contacted regularly (after every few days) over a span of few months.

Now, one problem with these call centers was that the dealership has to ensure that they don’t run out of leads otherwise the calls might stop which also reduces the number of visits. But, many agencies have started lead generation portals along with call centers which make it easier for dealers to do both jobs. The dealer just has to customize the profile so that only those leads are generated which can be converted easily. Then, these leads are directly transferred to the call center representatives. As soon as a new lead generates, the representatives are notified of that. The agent makes a write up regarding how did the call go which informs the sales personnel whether a follow up is required or not.


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