Prefer Fresh Car Leads over Old Ones

A few years back car leads usually contained address and phone information regarding consumers who were interested in buying a car or any automobile related product. However, with the passage of time, the options have varied and the information availed has also enhanced. The car leads available now can be chosen depending on the rate that the dealer agrees to pay. Most of the low priced car leads just include information regarding the consumer’s email address or phone number. This way, the dealer can send an email blast or hire a call center service to ensure that the calls and emails are sent on a regular basis.

There is another way in which the car leads are divided – fresh and old leads. Some dealers state that it is best to have leads which are old. This is because the consumer has already faced rejection (or rejected an offer) and might be willing to negotiate on a better one. But, in most cases it is seen that old car leads are much more difficult to convert into sales. Moreover, there are some listing agencies which fraud unaware dealers by selling them dead leads. Therefore, it is more profitable to go for fresh leads even if they are expensive. In case of new car leads, the dealer has the benefit of contacting the consumer with the first offer. Moreover, if the information is detailed (such as income of the family, budget, preferred car make and model) then the chances of landing a successful conversion increase. This makes it easier to get higher sales in the first opportunity.


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