Prospecting of Internet Auto Leads

Many people wonder as to what is the difference between a prospect and a lead. The main difference between these two terms is that a lead represents a consumer who the entrepreneur thinks can convert into a sale. In case of prospect, the entrepreneur has more information and more belief that the consumer will turn into a sale. Although both the terms represent a consumer, prospects are more valuable as they have more probability of purchasing the dealer products. There are several ways in which a dealer can turn his/her internet auto leads into prospects and the following lines mention how:

The first thing which has to be done is pay a lot of attention when the purchasing the internet auto leads. If the provider directly supplies leads which have more information and whose preferences are similar to the car products offered by the dealer, then the lead is already a prospect. However, if the leads are in form of a list, then it can be difficult to get more prospects. In case a lead generation portal is hired, then ensure that the filters are set according to the ease of conversion for the dealership.

Another thing which the dealer can do is to send the whole list of internet auto leads an email blast. The email should mention some car offers, discounts and a chance to get attractive discounts on the car offers if they agree to provide information regarding them. This way, more leads can be converted into prospects when they fill the survey. After checking the information, the dealer can judge which prospects can be converted easily and then ask the sales staff to contact them at the earliest.


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