Special Finance Leads Provider Moving to Expand Brand and Increase Sales for Auto Dealers

Charlotte, NC August 2, 2010 – DealerLink, the nation’s most prominent automotive leads provider, has taken steps to expand its market footprint. After over ten years of experience, DealerLink has acquired the domain SpecialFinanceLeads.com, which will help them expand their brand, and more effectively target their products and services.

“After ten years of business, we’ve found that dealers searching for “special finance leads” tend to have a different set of expectations than those that travel to our flagship domain,” say Tim Parker, the Founder and CEO of DealerLink. “Between the two sites, we’ll be able to more effectively target our products towards auto dealers with different needs.”

“Expanding the brand through better targeting,” Tim noted, “was the driving force behind our acquisition of SpecialFinanceLeads.com. When it comes to high quality lead generation, dealers know that DealerLink can deliver. However, we want to remind other dealers that these leads aren’t just for the big dealerships. We’re taking the initiative to get these dealerships, large and small, running smoothly again.”

Plans for the new site are already in their final stages, and DealerLink promises that the new brand will live up to their reputation for high quality and amazing results. “We’re excited about this new site because we know it is going to salvage sales for dealerships who are struggling to turn profits,” says Tim, “which has been DealerLink’s specialty for over a decade now.”

SpecialFinanceLeads.com is a leading nationwide provider of automotive sales leads. With over ten years of experience, SpecialFinanceLeads.com has proven that traditional and high-tech approaches can work together to generate huge sales. To learn more about how SpecialFinanceLeads.com creates huge revenues for dealerships around the nation, visit SpecialFinanceLeads.com, or call them directly at 800-890-8850.

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