Use Automotive Live Chat To Improve Automotive Sales Leads

Dealers are always looking for ways in which they can improve the inflow of automotive sales leads. Although it is a known fact that advertising in print or television media wouldn’t generate much leads, some dealers still do that as they produce the most easily convertible leads. The reason behind this is that the consumers are attracted by the offers which are carried by the dealership. However, there are ways in which the dealership website can be used to generate leads which are similar in quality to those procured offline but more in number.

The first thing to do is to create an attractive and informative dealership website. The site should provide detailed information regarding all the cars and auto products in the dealership and should also mention different discount offers. The site can also feature articles and informative notes depicting some dos and don’ts while buying cars. After the site is created, install the automotive live chat program in it. It is an obvious fact that every visitor comes to the website to get information regarding a specific product. When a visitor lands on the page, the live chat announces itself and states that it can be used in case of a query.

When the user wishes to get the query answered, the program connects him/her to a live chat representative who is trained regarding all the queries that could be asked by a visitor. The representative usually tries his/her best to schedule a visit to the dealership. If that isn’t possible, then the agent takes quality information from the visitor and then transfers it to the sales personnel at the dealership. This way, more automotive sales leads are generated with just the dealer website.


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