Use Live Chat to Get Car Sales Leads

A lot of marketing firms and trade advisors state that every dealership should have his/her personal website as it becomes easier for the consumer to look for the dealership and the products. In fact, this even reduces the investment cost of purchasing car sales leads as the dealer can just buy direct mail leads and then use them to bring the consumer to the website. After that, the website would take care of half the conversion. However, there are some problems in maintaining a website such as not being able to contact the consumers 24/7 and not being able to clear their queries whenever they ask.

These problems can be cleared by installing the automotive live chat program. This program announces itself whenever any visitor lands on the dealer’s webpage. The main reason why any person would come to the website is to gain information. Even if the site is filled with a hundred articles, it might be difficult for them to get what they want. With the live chat, the visitor would be connected to a chat representative who is trained regarding all the queries that could be asked. Before answering the queries, the representative takes up necessary information from the visitor and then transfers it to the sales staff. This way, more and more car sales leads get generated.

Usually, the representative tries to book a test drive or schedules a meet of the visitor with the dealership. But, if this couldn’t happen, then the lead information which has been given to the sales personnel can be used to follow up. Hence, gain more car sales leads by installing live chat software on the site.


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