Using Call Centers On Automotive Sales Leads

The huge number (which is increasing steadily) of lead generation companies and portals has made it easy for dealers to procure automotive sales leads at competitive prices. However, it can be difficult for sales personnel to employ cold calling on hundreds of consumers regularly till they refuse to cooperate or agree to a deal. Although it does seem easy, this task of contacting all the leads and then motivating them to make a visit to the dealership is quite tedious. However, now dealers can hire automotive call centers to do this task for them.

Many lead producing companies also provide call center services to their clients and there are independent call center executives as well. The dealer can hire whoever provides the services at affordable cost. The representatives at the call center are trained in motivating the leads into making a visit to the dealership or scheduling a test drive. The interval after which the calls are made again can be decided by the dealership. However, some call centers follow a pattern of their own in which the first call is made on the day the leads are received, after three days, one week, two weeks, three weeks, one months, 45 days, 60 days, 70, days and then the calling ends at 90 days.

The dead leads can be sold to downstream buyers (loan providers, debt consolidators, insurance providers etc.). The dealer can also introduce the leads again in the series if he/she feels that sales can be generated. The advantage of choosing both the services from a single company is that the dealer doesn’t has to worry about providing the leads to the call center executive.

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