Ways of Filtering Auto Sales Leads

When buying list of auto sales leads, one of the main problems that car dealers face is that the lists are usually random and also include people which cannot visit the dealership. Due to this reason, many dealers prefer lead generation portals as compared to lists. The main benefit of these portals is that leads are generated according to the filters set by the dealer. This way, the procured auto sales leads are favorable for the dealer and can be converted easily. Some of the filters included by them are mentioned below:

The most basic sorting is geographical in which the dealer can restrict the leads according to the state (in case of franchise in multiple cities), the zip code (a large dealership/showroom which can cater to the whole town) or a few miles radius.

Another filter that dealers could use is the general or specific lead generation. If the dealer wishes for all sorts of leads, then no specifications are included. However, there could be some restriction like only used cars, only SUVs, only luxury cars, offered trade ins etc. This makes it easier to deal with clients who are interested in the products.

Another filter can be to rate the auto sales lead depending on the information provided by them. This way the dealer knows which leads are to be self called, which can be transferred to call center or which have to be direct mailed. This rating system helps in ensuring that the people with the most information are told about offers which completely cater to their choice.


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