Ways to Filter Auto Leads

Internet lead providers and listing agencies have made it possible for dealerships to get auto leads without spending much time, energy and, more importantly, money on the marketing and advertisements. These auto leads vary according to the information present in the lead and the time since it was generated. Earlier, the companies used to make lists of all the auto leads that they can procure and then used to sell and/or rent the list to different dealerships. Now, dealers can make accounts on their portals and they would be provided with fresh leads as soon as their roster updates.

There are several ways in which the dealers could filter the incoming auto leads. These filters can ensure that only those leads are bought which can be successfully converted into sales. One of the best filters which dealers can use is geographical sorting. The filtering of auto leads in this system can be done depending on the area in which the dealership resides. The leads can be sorted depending on the area radius from the dealership. If the dealership has a good sales team and wises to sell more cars, then the filtering can be limited to a specific zip code. If there are several dealerships located in different cities, then the auto leads can be acquired for the whole state also.

The auto leads can also be filtered depending on the exact type of the lead i.e. the dealer can acquire information regarding people who wish for specific car models, make, fuel preferences or those who have some trade-ins which they are willing to include in the offer.


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