Why to Prefer Direct Mail Automotive Leads

The traditional methods most dealerships use for acquiring automotive leads mostly include advertisements on television, newspaper and/or radios. However, it is a less known fact that the probability of the targeted consumer getting in contact with the advertisement is 0.2 percent. This means that if an ad displays in 1000 newspapers, then chances are that 2 people might actually see that. This is because the general age of car buyers lies between 22 and 45 and the average age of newspaper readers (or people seeing advertisements on television) is 54. These facts state that it can be difficult to procure automotive leads which further decrease any chances of a conversion.

The best thing to do in these situations is to buy the automotive leads of the internet. The cheapest form of leads available on the internet is mail leads. These usually just contain the person’s email address. One might wonder as to how this can be helpful in getting the consumers in the dealership. One popular fact regarding email accounts is that more than 74 percent of the mail receivers respond to their mail. Therefore, the dealer just has to ensure that a mail explaining the best car offers is sent to all the automotive leads regularly.

Even if the response rate is taken to be as low as two percent, the number of people appearing (if 4000 are contacted via email) to check the offer comes out to be 80. The conversion rate from these is pretty high which means that the dealership gets to sell a lot of cars by just sending out email addresses. Moreover, the cost of these automotive leads is less than a dollar which comes out to be much cheaper than any other marketing method.


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