Why Use Live Chat to Gather Auto Sales Leads?

Even though internet is the main medium which users employ to get information and businesses do to market, there are some things which are proven to be more successful than others. Even to procure more auto sales leads, sending emails has become an old technique and very few people use this. Moreover, dealers using this method employ it just to enhance the visibility of their website. For example, a mobile carrier is most likely to pick up a phone as opposed to checking a text message. This technique has been revolutionized for dealer websites, also known as automotive live chat, and is proven to procure more auto sales leads.

It is a fact that no dealer would leave his/her dealership unattended for even a few minutes. Another fact is that no dealership can run for 24/7 hours but a website can. The automotive live chat software presents itself whenever a user browses the site and announces that it is there to answer any queries that the use has. This software covers dealership owners during and even after the business hours. The representatives are trained to answer all the car queries and are skilled in motivating the caller to make a visit. Even if a test drive or visit isn’t arranged, the representative collects enough information and transfers them to the sales staff.

The auto sales leads generated on the website are much more valuable than those bought from a third party owner. This is because these auto sales leads are much more specific regarding the cars present in the dealership which makes it easier to sell them.


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